12 Jun 2013

☆PHOTOSHOOT/HOW TO☆ Ciel Phantomhive; Kuroshitsuji - Drama CD cover

 A little overdue is still overdue! But at least I haven't completely forgotten about this blog! ( ´△`)

I've actually worn this cosplay for first time back in the year 2012, in the manga convention I attended in Barcelona. Most of the time, in cons, I never find enough time, or someone willing to spend a few minutes with me taking pictures, so this cosplay passed by with only a few instagram pictures as its only memory.

Last month, there was a manga convention in Madrid, called expomanga. I was actually working on a new Ciel's cosplay, the Heaven's Choir version that you could see in the anime, but with some issues I had to work on with, real life ones, it made me impossible to finish it. I was able to attend the con however, and I decided to wear my Drama CD Ciel, because it's easy to wear and cute and I didn't have a single picture of it even when I love it so much.
I've taken a few pictures while I was sewing this, so I will also post them here so you can see them.


 I have forgotten most of the inquires and troubles to make this back in the day, but I remember the process of it being smooth and enjoyable. The fabrics and the colours and all those frills and sheer fabrics made me enjoy this cosplay way too much.


What I did, after the con was over, was ordering a new Ciel wig! (*'ー'*)ノ
Mine was already too damaged... It's because I've been using it a lot of times since I've bought it, definitely Ciel has been the character I've been cosplaying the most, along with Toshiya, of course.
 I will make a review of my new one soon, so please look forward it!

 ☆Favourite things about this cosplay☆
  • The fabrics! They were so smooth and comfortable and beautiful. With all that lace and ruffle and the tulle. It was such a lovely cosplay not only to wear, but also to sew it.
  • The boots! A friend gave them to me when I was looking for the perfect cosplay shoes and when I attached the roses to them... They were simply so perfect! I think it's my favourite detail of it.
  • The make-up and my general appearance, even with the wig. I'm so used to Ciel's make-up that now I do it with ease and I feel really comfortable wearing it. I felt cute and pretty with the roses on my head and the rosy cheeks.
    This cosplay gave me just a lot of good feelings~
☆Least favourite things about this cosplay☆
  • I've used some paint spray to use all over the crown of thorns Ciel is wearing on the top of his head and around his arm. When I was wearing the cosplay for like five minutes, the paint started to come off! I even had to take away the thorns out of my arm because most of it looked completely green.
  • People kept stepping on the threads of fabric from all over the tail of my costume, it was really annoying.
  • I've lost two of the roses I had attached to my boots!
  • My burned and too damaged wig, it looked so bad even if I combed it repeatedly.

Hope you have liked this~
(_ _)ノ_彡☆