19 Jul 2013

☆REVIEW☆ DAISO's blackheads, charcoal peel off face mask

Aaah, this is my first skincare review and I'm slightly unsure of myself, so please be kind to me~ o(-ω-o)

So my first review ever is about a face mask that you surely had heard about already, and it is daiso's charcoal peel off mask.

I've read several positive reviews about this face mask in beauty blogs since I've been deeply interested in skincare (more or less since a year and a half ago?) but I've only recently decided to buy it.

Which it surprised me the most was the amazing prize, I've bought it from a Ebay seller from Taiwan and it cost me 5,99$ (roughly 4,60€) with shipping free, so basically it was an amazing deal. I've decided to go ahead and try it because if I ended up trying it and didn't work at all then the loss wouldn't be so dramatic.

( i probably need a better camera for these kind of reviews... sorry it's kind of blurry ´;д;` )

The picture from the left is the mask after being applied, it's left with a wet feeling. The right one, is after ten minutes or so, when the mask if completely dried and ready to be pulled off!

( ...this is kind of embarrassing but this is the result after peeling off the mask, you maybe can't appreciate it much but all the white spots are all the dirt that came off my pores after using this.)

My favourite things:
  • It's ridiculously cheap and the price-quality balance it's amazing.
  • My skin not only feels cleaner, it also feels whiter and brighter, smoother and younger.
  • It's easy to apply (even though is messy) and easy to peel off (even though it's painful).
  • It comes in a 80gr tube, and I think that's going to last for a while even if you use the mask weekly.
  • You can apply it on and since it starts drying off you can wander around and go on with your daily life as you have this one on which is really useful for me, because I hate applying liquid-like face mask and being useless for an average of fifteen minutes until I can take it off. (And with this, is amazing because I can put it on and busy myself doing laundry, haha~ 。・_・。)

My least favourite things:
  • The process of peeling it off it's really painful, endurable, but you should be careful with the zone of your nose / eye corners
  • It's messy and the black substance gets everywhere.
  • The thing I hate the most is that if it comes in contact with your hair it's almost impossible to take it off, not to mention incredibly painful, so I guess you need to be extra careful when you're applying it on your face.

General punctuation: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ / ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
An 12 over 10? No, seriously.
This face mask works wonders on me! I've been 'blessed' with a combined skin, from ridiculously oily to ridiculously dry, so to find the balance and products that help me with this is difficult.
My T-zone is a nightmare, always oily and full of zits and not even deep cleansers foams help that much.

This face mask seems a little abrasive, but the result on my skin is simply amazing, and instant. Of course I've been feeling the long-lasting results since I've been using it once per week over the last month, but my skin feels better the moment I take it off.
It really takes off all the dirt and my skin feels clean as I've been scrubbing it off for minutes after like 12 hours of sleep.
It feels smooth and white and flawless, and is not only an instant thing, my skin feels like that during the whole day I've been using it.

Do I recommend this? Wholeheartedly.
Even though I think it's a product that might be more useful for people with oily/combined skin than people with normal/dry skin. And sine it's slightly abrasive, I don't really recommend it for people with really sensitive skin.

Hope you have enjoyed this~
Thanks for reading! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ