15 Aug 2013

☆Upcoming cosplay plans☆

Could this be a wish-list of any sorts? Kind of...
I don't know how busy I will be from September until the end of the year, but I somehow wanted to make a list of cosplays I would like to make before the year ends! A realistic list, because if it was for me, I would be sewing and cosplaying all day.

What a pity of real life, and adult life and work and everything...o(´^`)o
Anyway! To the list of my upcoming projects.

Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji - Heaven's choir

There's not enough love and thankful feelings towards Yana Toboso and her amazing design drawings of like ALL Ciel's outfits. Really, it's an amazing help for us cosplayers.

Ittoki Otoya - Uta no prince-sama 1000% - Debut/Uniform

I don't like their new 2000% outfit, so I will stuck with the old ones...
I really really want to make his debut one, it's so pretty!

Stocking Anarchy - Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt - Sailor/Angel

I don't think the Angel design drawing it's official but I can't find a source of who drew it, nevertheless a big thank you for them for being so good and amazing. 

Toshiya - Dir en grey - -ZAN- PV

The amazing Toshiya cosplayer is http://vulgar-deity.deviantart.com  a Toshiya cosplayer from Russia who is perfect! Really, all Russian cosplayers are so perfect when it comes to J-rock.
I'm doubting between doing the red version of the white one... Since all the cosplayers/cosplays I've seen are from his red version and it's also the PV version, then I might go with it, but I need to think about it.

Basically I have wigs for all of these, for things I would need to buy along with the fabric of course, would be Otoya's circle lenses and some proper shoes for Stocking's both cosplays... This is a first, cosplaying a girl and most of my cosplay shoes are this bunch of platform shoes and boots.

And Ciel's one is a matter of time because actually I have everything sewn but the jacket and the beret... I should start working on that though.

I'm all excited about the whole cosplaying thing, but now I'm doubting so much if I will have the time.. But I wil try my best anyway.

Thanks for reading me~