21 Aug 2013

☆WIG☆ Ittoki Otoya - Uta no Prince-sama

I think I said already that my weakest point when it comes to cosplay it's wigs' styling, well I think it's a tie between wig styling and props, since I had never had to do something like a sword or an armour or something of the sorts when I had to do a cosplay.

Well, I'm trying to get a hold to the whole concept of wig styling, which is the weakest point on my cosplays that I have to use. I think it's because I spent a great amount of time in the whole Visual Kei/J-rock cosplay field and it's much easier to style your own hair than playing with synthetic one, or maybe that's just me.

Well, the thing is, I was toying with the idea of cosplaying Otoya for as long as I watched the first season of Uta no Prince-sama, I guess it's not surprising at all he's the character I decided to cosplay since I'm a bit stuck in the borderline cute/borderline too young for me characters, but truth is along with the fact that he's a fucking cupcake, and that I love his character, I really, really wanted to cosplay someone with red hair again, since I loved the experience with Utena's Touga.

I've bought the wig at Ebay from this seller and it cost me 16,99$ (more or less 13€) with free shipping costs. It took a while to arrive up to the point I thought it got lost, but it arrived safely at the end and since I was in no hurry, I didn't mind waiting for a while.

This was how the wig looked like, definitely with bangs too long and everything, so I started the styling~ (*^▽^)/

After some minutes, the wig started to look like something and I looked like that, and my desk was a complete mess. I was cleaning red hairs for like a wig straight. _| ̄|○

I don't have yet red lenses for this cosplay! And in fact I'm doubting between two shades of red from https://www.pinkyparadise.com. The venus eye bright red and the venus eye wine red, my eyes are really bright blue and most of the coloured senses I've tried leak my real eye colour and it looks weird (in fact you can notice this in the pictures bellow...), so I want to order some lenses that would be solid and thick enough so my blue won't leak.
Nevertheless, this make-up test it's made with my brown eye lenses because I didn't have anything else and the brown was the closest one. I will be back soon with proper Otoya's make-up test with the red lenses, but for now this is all I can offer with my freshly styled wig.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with how the wig ended up looking, even though I might work on it again and trim a little the sides and the bangs when I decide to cosplay Otoya 'for real'. It was fun and entertaining to play with the wig, straightening and cutting it and everything and for being my first real time for styling one wig I'm quite happy with the results.

Now I just need the lenses and the motivation to start sewing Otoya's debut cosplay... (’-’*) 

Until then, just enjoy this little post~
Thanks for reading me! (⌒▽⌒)ノ_彡☆