12 Oct 2015

☆PHOTOSHOOT☆ Kuroshitsuji - Heaven's Choir

this is one of the entries which were rotting in my drafts since probably... may which is when i put on this cosplay again... i don't know why i didn't have any will to write during all summer, but i guess i just didn't feel like it. but anyway! yay, photoshoot entry about a cosplay i absolutely loved sewing but that i had no good pictures of it (as always)

this cosplay is kind of old... i started it for wearing it for an expomanga a few years ago, but my father got really sick back then and my cosplay's plans got resumed. then again, i picked it up for taking it to barcelona. i loved wearing it, but the day was busy and when we took pictures it was way too late and it didn't really look good.

wearing this was a completely spur of the moment decision, it was literally in the middle of my finals week, i had recently moved so i didn't know if i was going to find all the stuff i needed for the cosplay and on top of it was just incredibly hot but i just had the thirst of wanting to wear this so i decided to wear it and honestly i didn't regret it. at all.

because of the fact i moved and things were still in boxes (some of them are still in boxes even now...) i couldn't find the right shoes to wear this... (i found them literally like a week after i put this cosplay on, of course, thanks murphy's law) but okay. i decided to improvise and just wear my tea party shoes which were okay but didn't really look right so i hope it doesn't look awkward in pictures.

as i said, it was a very sporadic decision, so i just dropped at the convention after my work was done. i came back home, took a shower dressed up and left, so i probably arrived around 6pm and left around 8:30 and a half or so. i just literally took pictures, said hi to my friends, and look around the convention a few times (i don't even think i bought anything.. which is weird for me because i always end up buying something stupid).

actually, i am very, very pleased with how this turned out. i was worried about my face (i didn't sleep a lot and i was exhausted after working on retail for 6 hours) and i was just a little wary. but when i was wearing this i was feeling very good... i think it's the main reason why i love cosplay so much... that even when i am feeling under the weather or something, it can lift up my mood.

plus the make up forever's mat velvet + is literally the best thing that ever had happened to my face, ever. it has the coverage of a very thick panstick but the lightness of a liquid base and it's so easy to apply and looks so great in pictures but so natural in real life i don't even know... i think i will need to make a review because really, it's amazing.

so okay... to the pictures.

mandatory selfies pictures with my ipad and dramatic filters

that's all, i really liked this mini photoshoot session, i was so pleased with my make-up and the cosplay and everything!

hope you enjoyed the pictures!