18 Jun 2017

easy ways to know your skintype

i. normal skin
your skin doesn’t feel oily or tight/dry by the end of the day, it feels supple and hydrated until you arrive home. you might get a pimple or two but they are related to hormonal cycles or to eating unbalances. you don’t get red spots or allergies using make-up or cosmetic products.

ii. oily skin
your skin feels oily, shiny and with an excess of sebum or grease. it can be a general sensation of feeling all your skin oily, or you can feel places more oily than others (for example the t-zone, your chin or your forehead). you might get clogged pores around your nose and chin as well, pimples and blackheads. you have problems maintaining your skin matte.

iii. dry skin
your skin tends to lose moisture along the day and by the end of it, it feels dry, tight and uncomfortable. as the case with the oily skin, you can feel a general sensation of dryness or you can feel it focused on different zones (cheeks are very common to feel extra dry), you feel like you lack hydration from any products you use, and your skin often feels flaky and dull.

iv. combination skin
combination skin is a very common skin type that it’s a mix of having oily and dry skin. you can have a dry skin which tends to be oily, or an oily skin which tends to be dry, or a skin that has both oily and dry tendencies, the most common expression of combination skin it’s having a very oily t-zone and dry cheeks, you usually struggle to find products that balance your skin, moisturising but mattifying it.

v. sensitive skin
your skin is very thin and very sensitive, it reacts strongly to certain products or even scents (usually alcohol based products is a no-no for sensitive skin types), you get red spots, bumps or any other allergic reactions and you need to be careful about ingredients and the sun. your skin can be dry, oily or combined but your main concert is how strongly it reacts to products. you need specific products that matches the necessities of your skin.