18 Jun 2017

☆REVIEW☆ pilaten ; suction black mask

this is a classical charcoal peel off mask designed to clean pores, i bought it over amazon to substitute the daiso one i have been using for years because i found it they use parabens as the preservatives, and this one doesn’t have any (but they have other preservatives that are as controversial.)
according to the information at the amazon page, the shelf life of this product is three years, but it won’t last you more than a few months (around three or four months) depending how much do you use it. depending on your skincare type and your tendency to clogged pores, i would say that using it once per week it’s more than okay, but using it specifically on your nose, chin or trouble areas it’s an option too.

 the ingredients listed are: water, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerol, propylene glycol, diazonium imidazolidinyl urea, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, glycol.
to make this easy: basically it’s a lot of alcohol and microbial preservatives 

like i said, it doesn’t use parabens, so instead they use alcohols in order to preserve the product and absorb the water. the idopropynyl butylcarbamate it’s a preservative that was first used in other industries, and that now is used in the persona care one. there is a debate about whether or not it can be toxic, and some companies have started to cut down it’s use, since pilaten it’s a chinese company, i don’t think most of the rules apply to them.

i am not happy about synthetic preservatives in general (even though they area necessity) and honestly i am going to try to keep looking for a charcoal peel off mask which is more natural.

postive things:
  • it’s easy to apply, as messy as any other mask similar to this, like daiso’s or my scheming mask’s
  • no parabens
  • it works well for me, it does leave my skin clean and manages to take off some superficial black spots
  • the drying time depends on the amount you have used and if it’s only a spot or the entire face but i guess it’s around 20 minutes to dry off completely
  • very easy to peel off, it comes out in one piece (it hurts as any average peel off mask)
negative things:
  • it has a … faint scent? (that comes from the propylene glycol) it doesn’t particularly smell like anything to me, but to excessive sensitive people it might be unpleasant
  • it contains alcohol
  • questionable products used as preservatives
  • pilaten is a chinese company so this is not cruelty free
  • it’s around 5-6€ for 60gr. of product, it does last for a while but compared to daiso which is 5€ for 80gr. of product it’s more expensive
ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to try it. as a face mask, which is complementary skincare, you don’t use it everyday, and it has a very specific use. even though it does work well for me, i am going to keep looking for a charchoal mask that i find more natural (this might be really hard if i am on a budget).