18 Jun 2017

seven basic skincare tips

i. sleepi know it sound obvious but a rested skin is key, while we sleep our body restores itself and so does our skin. even though you might feel “fine” sleeping 4/5 hours, you will feel refreshed and your skin will be less flaky and bloated if you sleep around 7/8 hours per day. (and if you go to bed before/around midnight).

ii. drink water!i know it sounds stupid again but along with sleeping a key to a good skin is keeping yourself hydrated. you don’t like to drink ‘plain water’? try infused water with fruits (i will make a post about easy recipes soon), or make yourself herbal teas. the more hydrated your skin is, the more plump and healthy it will look.

iii. remove your make-up
if you use make-up on a daily basis, especially if you use any kind of foundation, make sure you clean your face before you go to bed. double cleansing (an oil based cleaning first and a foam based one later it’s the most optimal care) but just don’t go to bed with your make-up on!, your skin needs to breath, so please even if you’re tired or lazy, remember to remove your make-up from your face.

iv. eat well
your skin is a part of your body, so it reflects many habits. a balanced diet will definitely help to make your skin feel clear, even more i you have an oily skin. vegetables, fresh fruits, juices and any kind of herbal teas are very good for your skin (i will make a post about skin-beneficial snacks later!).

v. don’t over-process your skin!!
if you’re in your late 10s or early 20s and you have a healthy skin (you don’t smoke or drink heavily, you don’t have acute acne, psoriasis or any other skin condition), you don’t need to use a bunch of products, stick to a good cleanser, a good moisturiser and a good eye cream that is adapted to your skin type and just add products for specific problems.

vi. alcohol and cigarettes are a no-no
both cause early aging and damage to your skin (and to the rest of your body), alcohol dehydrates your skin and smoking creates early wrinkles, if you are a heavy smoker (i used to smoke all the time during my middle 20s), make sure you boost your skin hydration to avoid the extra damage, but honestly quitting is more beneficial your skin and body and lungs! will appreciate it.

vii. always use sunscreen
if you live in a very cloudy place, this might not be necessary, but if you use vitamin c based products, acids on your skin on a regular basis, or you just live on a very sunny place, please put a layer of sunscreen as your last part of your morning skincare routine. the sun is beneficial for your skin and our body because of the vitamin d, but sunlight is very damaging to the skin and it can cause early aging, spots or large marks.

viii. taking care of your skin is taking care of you
your skin is a part of your body, so as you wash your body and take care of it everyday (you cover it from the cold, you exercise, you cure a wound) just rationalize it the same way with your skincare. that way it won’t be a chore, for me it’s a moment of self-care and appreciation, and i enjoy every moment i dedicate to my skin